The initiative

Pic: Terras de Cavaleiros, UGG

What does GEOfood means?

GEOfood is powered and owned by GEOfood Int. No profit share company, based in Norway.

From 2024 UNESCO Global Geoparks will have the possibility to become owner of the brand in a form of a “share” cession. One free share of the value of 250€ will be offer to all the UNESCO Global Geoparks which are using the brand.

The General Assembly consisting of the funder and UGGps, the Board of Directors, chosen by General Assembly, are included as decision making bodies, in the GEOfood Int. Rules of Operation, regulated by the Norwegian Law. A specific Scientific Committee is also planned. Everything will be in place during 2024.

All economic surpluses from GEOfood Int. AS are given to a charity Association, chosen by the GEOfood Int. Board, regulated by Norwegian Law. 

GEOfood brand defines the “taste quality” based on local traditions and ancient knowledge, connected with geological heritage which is charecterizing each territory.

GEOfood brand has its routes within the UNESCO Global Geoparks and it can be used only in such UNESCO designated areas.

GEOfood’s mission is to support the sustainable development of local communities, increasing the actions towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. GEOfood aims to operate within the UNESCO Global Geoparks values and bottom-up approach.

GEOfood do not interefer with other quality label certifing the chemical composition or the geogrpahical origin of the product. 

GEOfood wish to  become an unique tourist opportunity for authentic experiences that enrich both the body and the mind across amazing Geoparks around the World.

GEOfood is expanding and several UNESCO Global Geoparks adopted the brand to promote the connection between the unique Geoparks’s geological heritage and the local food traditions.

Branding local product and restaurants within the GEOfood label it means to support the Geopark´s local communities in developing sustainable agricultural activities, following certian sustainability standards adopted by the members with the purpose to increase the awareness about the importance of the correct use of the soil, the geological and the cultural heritage.

Furthemore the GEOfood facilitate the exchange of specific good practices within UNESCO Global Geoparks in relation with local development, food initiative, research projects and educational programmes.

Pic: Terras de Cavaleiros UGG
Pic: Terras de Cavaleiros UGG
Pic: Tuscan Mining UGG