About Our Oysters

Our most popular products are our Flaggy Shore Oysters and Flaggy Shore Dainties.

The oysters come from three small bays on the coast of Co. Clare, where the surrounding karst landscape of The Burren allows the abundant rainfall trickle down through the rocks, creating underground channels of freshwater down in the bay. These channels bring all of the nutrients of the Burren with them into the bay, and into our oysters. This is what we feel give them their unique flavour.

Flaggy Shore Dainties are smaller oysters, harvested earlier and held until ready for dispatch. They are a smaller size shell, but pack a lot of flavour.

Upon harvesting and up until dispatch, we keep the oysters in our holding tanks between the three bays, located by New Quay pier. EU Grade A water from the Aughinish Bay is pumped in daily on the incoming tide, and released on an outgoing tide. This replicating the natural movements of tide as much as possible.

The oysters themselves have a crisp, fresh taste. They’re delicious just by themselves or with a little squeezed lemon or Tabasco sauce.